‘Brown Book’

The ‘Brown Book’ is a documentation which monitors crimes committed by neo-fascists and the extreme right, as well as racist, xenophobic and homophobic incidents, and acts of discrimination in Poland. It has been run by the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association continuously since 1996.

The initiator and creator of the ‘Brown Book’ for many years was the late Marcin Kornak (1968-2014), the founder of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association.

The ‘Brown Book’ is the most comprehensive and reliable summary of information about racist violence and xenophobia in Poland. It is often used and cited by the media, international organizations and research centres. Through this publication it is possible to reach the public opinion to promote anti-racist attitudes and condemn the indifference to xenophobia. The ‘Brown Book’ is used for educational purposes, for interventions in individual cases and to increase social awareness. 

The information included in the ‘Brown Book’ comes from representatives of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association as well as from minority organisations who are partners of the association. Other materials are gathered from press articles, radio broadcasts, TV programmes, books, online publications as well as from various reports done by Polish and international non-governmental organisations, dealing with the subject of prejudice and discrimination.

The ‘Brown Book’ has been published in the subsequent issues of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ magazine, on the website and in a physical book format (in Polish). So far we have published the following excerpts in English: 

‘«Shoot them». Hate speech in the election campaign in Poland, July – October 2023’ (PDF).
‘Brown Book 2020-2023’ (PDF)’
‘Report on hate speech on the National Media (Media Narodowe) YouTube channel in the years 2021-2023’ (PDF)
‘Let’s Maintain Solidarity with Refugees. Report’, 2022 (PDF).
‘The Virus of Hate: Brown Book of the Epidemic’, 2020 (PDF).
‘Brown Book’ 2019 (PDF).
‘Brown Book’ – a selection of incidents targeting Muslims in Poland in 2017-2018 (PDF).
‘Brown Book’ 2010 (PDF).
‘Hateful - Monitoring Racism, Discrimination and Hate Crime in Polish and Ukrainian Football 2009-2011’ (PDF).
‘Monitoring of Racism and Chauvinism Symptoms on Polish Football Stadiums: September 2009 – October 2009’ (PDF).
‘Monitoring of Racism and Chauvinism Symptoms on Polish Football Stadiums: December 2005 – November 2007’ (PDF).