The anti-fascist Nigdy wiecej (Never Again) organization has published comments made three years ago by a Polish historian, where he suggests that Poland should have been the capital of the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler was an extraordinary politician and statesman of the 1939-1940 period, says historian Pawel Wieczorkiewicz in an interview he gave to the extreme right - wing publication Templum Novum.

The remarks have resurfaced as part of a campaign by Nigdy wiecej to show that the new director of TVP, Piotr Farfał, has, or had, Nazi sympathies. Wieczorkiewicz was an expert witness in a libel trial brought against the Gazeta Wyborcza daily after the newspaper printed an article reporting that in 1995 Farfał edited and published a racist skinhead magazine entitled Front, in which anti-Semitic remarks are made. The article ran under the headline: “Former neo-Nazi as new boss of TVP.” Farfał lost the court case.

In the three year old interview, Wieczorkiewicz regrets that Poland did not cooperate with the Third Reich, as both countries could have invaded the Soviet Union. The Nazis would then be able to unite Europe, with its capital in Warsaw, where Polish would be only one of three or four official languages.

Source: The News.pl